Young man dating older women called

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Young man dating older women called

Loraine Wapshott spied a rather attractive young man at a wedding last week.They flirted outrageously and she gave him her number.

The fact that this young man is young enough to be her son might be a little unseemly to some, but full-time mum Loraine insists he "just" falls within her rather precise dating parameters.

Fellow divorcee Karin Bacardi-Fien, also 48, has already run the gauntlet of horrified children.

Her current beau, Graeme, is an eyepopping 22 years younger than her.

After one of their first dates, her son pulled Graeme aside and asked what his intentions were.

Still, she believes that a 26-year-old boyfriend is "just about right" for a woman of her age and position.

Were he a year or two younger - and, therefore, less than half her age - it might have posed a problem.

Scroll down for more..."He's 25, which is just about fine.

He knows I'm 48 and that doesn't seem to be a problem with him.

For the record, though, I won't go out with anyone under 25."Her children, who are 19 and 15, must be relieved.

"Personally, I won't date anyone my own age or older, but many of my friends are much more fussy.

My friend Carina, who is 46, only dates men who are under 30, and my friend Denise agrees.

She said to me the other day that it's all downhill after men turn 30."Still, she agrees that one can get carried away by this dating-younger-men business.

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