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Cuomo, acting like the buffoon that he is, then said he has no further role to play in the debate and it’s case closed. The only recourse left is to vote Cuomo out of office, which won’t happen now for another four years.

Time to get real mama’s, there are just some things that we will never keep clean.No matter how hard we try or how many times we clean it up it’s an never ending cycle.I pick up or clean up and then I turn around and it’s a mess again!Having toddlers in the house is always a blessing, but it’s also always a mess. #1: The shirt you are wearing: It doesn’t matter if your in that old tee shirt from years ago or wearing that adorable top you spent a little to much on, your kids automatically assume it’s a tissue to either wipe their snot on it or clean off their hands with it.#2: The floor: If you have toddlers in the house then chances are your floors aren’t clean.Crumbs from crackers, toys everywhere, and random items your kids find around the house that they drag around (at my house it’s spices.

They love to empty the spice rack and lay bottles of spices around the house).

Eating out at the best rated restaurant in the world can be the most exhilarating experience of your life and your taste buds. It might be that you’ve already been to Noma, perhaps you can’t get a reservation or just can’t afford it – then this list is just for you.

MDN editor Jim Willis has just finished listening to a live announcement in which the State Dept.

Andrew Cuomo has decided to not proceed with high volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in the state.

of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker embarrassed himself by admitting he relied on shoddy rumors and flawed studies–and even lack of studies–to draw the conclusion that fracking should not be allowed.

Zucker repeatedly said “there’s not enough research” to convince him that fracking is safe for NY’s human population. of Environmental Conservation, Joe Martens, then said, essentially, “yep, good enough for me, no fracking” and that was that.

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