Who is coby bell dating

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Who is coby bell dating

After meeting Sanji and the Straw Hats at Baratie, Fullbody met and befriended Jango, former First Mate and Captain of the Black Cat Pirates.

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However despite his noble traits, he appears to hold a grudge on Sanji as he wishes to defeat and capture him (and by extension his fellow Straw Hats), though this desire to arrest and defeat Sanji may also be due out of his sense of duty as a Marine (as Sanji is a pirate and the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates) in addition to his desire to take revenge on Sanji for his humiliating defeat at the Baratie.Fullbody has further demonstrated his sense of morality via his desire to protect innocent bystanders, as he refused to attack Captain Yurikah of the Tulip Pirates after he resorted to taking a innocent woman hostage and endured a brutal beating from Yurikah, before he is saved by Jango who defeats Yurikah and his crew.However despite his demotion, friendship with Jango, and past failures, he has managed to remain a member of Marines and together with Jango continues to fight pirates under Captain Hina who he & Jango both admire.He befriended Jango the hypnotist, the former first mate of the Black Cat pirates, after the two took part in a dancing contest.Though loyal to the Marines, Fullbody has occasionally ignored his duty such as when he chose to flee the Baratie without recapturing Gin after the pirate escaped custody and was defeated by Patty.He also initially did not want to bother with attacking the Straw Hat Pirates due to being off duty at the time, but later reconsidered and ordered his crew to sink the Going Merry, though left the task to them in order to take his date out to dinner.

He also follows his duty (albeit reluctantly) as a Marine by arresting his friend Jango, even after Jango saves him from being killed by the Tulip Pirates.

Despite his arrogance and disrespectful attitude, Fullbody has demonstrated that he does not adhere to the Marine's doctrine of Absolute Justice, as he spoke up for his friend Jango after he was sentenced to hang, ignoring Jango's status as former Captain of the Black Cat Pirates and managed to get Jango pardoned for his crimes, despite the cost of losing his rank, choosing their friendship over his career by allowing himself to be demoted to Seaman Recruit.

Among his fellow Marine's, Fullbody is a capable fighter and successful Marine who managed to earn the rank of Lieutenant.

As a Lieutenant, Fullbody lead his crew to ambush the Krieg Pirates and they manage to capture Gin.

However his arrogance lead him to underestimate his enemies such as Gin who despite being captured had successfully managed to trick Fullbody and lead his crew away from Krieg and his surviving crew.

Fullbody also was not above flaunting his rank and status.