W rciprecverror 0x15 updating the ips it 0

12-Jul-2016 14:54 by 7 Comments

W rciprecverror 0x15 updating the ips it 0

**************************************************************Mar 2 freenas INADYNI can confirm this bug.Work-around: Until it's fixed, I use a cronjob (created from GUI) to update my dynamic DNS hosts.

After some investigations I found, that the problem is mainly caused by start/stop script /etc/d/ix-inadyn.

The function generate_inadyn_real() takes the dynamic DNS domain from SQLite table services_dynamicdns.

select ddns_domain from services_dynamicdns;mynas.ignorelist.com, Miwiwhh-the-hash-value The problem is, that the function generate_inadyn_real() splits this value into two DNS aliases (here: --alias mynas.--alias Miwiwhh-the-hash-value).

Normally for other dynamic DNS services this is OK.

But DNS service' implementation in inadyn-mt needs the hash together with the alias (--alias mynas.ignorelist.com, Miwiwhh-the-hash-value).

I keep see this messages: Failed updating alias table...

Skipping IP update attempt subsequent to fatal dyndns server update error for alias, freenaslocal.

This client should be stopped and corrected for configuration errors, and restarted...

**************************************************************Mar 2 freenas INADYN I keep see this messages: Failed updating alias table...

The start/stop script should respect this exception.

An related problem is, that I Free NAS GUI (Dynamic DNS service) it's unclear, that the correct entry for "Domain name:" is the host alias AND the hash value.

Report of the Fluid Dynamics Panel Working Group 04.

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