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I’d like to thank Travel On for passing along the policy change.Disney Cruise Line’s Terms & Conditions page and FAQ have already been updated to reflect the change.

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The policy is the same for a 3-Night Cruise as is a 15-Night cruise.I would prefer that it was a sliding scale based on duration of the itinerary.That being said, I also feel Disney Cruise Line needs to step up their craft beer offerings to appeal to those that are uninterested in the current beer selections.Publix offers more craft beer selections than the ships.If you had been reading my Facebook page the other day, you might remember someone writing to me and suggesting that, when people are late coming back to the ship in Cozumel that the staff should walk down the pier and check the bars to see if we could spot someone enjoying a bucket of margaritas, oblivious to the fact that big white thing is sailing away without them and their clean underwear.Yep, Cozumel, Mexico – a favourite port for the cruise industry and the many tens of thousands of guests who disembark there each and every week.

I have been going to Cozumel for many years on the Holiday, Jubilee and Celebration, both in the early days and then later and before the word “Carnival” was painted on the hull of Ecstasy and Sensation and then every other ship throughout the fleet.Cozumel has been a port I have got to know so very well. Today, Disney Cruise Line made a big announcement and not the one many were hoping to hear. The revised alcohol policy will be effective for all new sailings embarking on or after September 30, 2015.The key change in the policy is the limiting of the qualities of wine or champagne and beer as well as prohibiting liquors and spirits.The first bullet point below indicates you can restock at each port of call as long as you board within the limits.Disney Cruise Line Corkage Fee Increase September 30th will also serve as the date for the new corkage fee charged to Guests who bring their own wine or champagne into one of our restaurants will be per bottle, up from .

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