Vincennes dating

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Vincennes dating

In 1800, the Indiana Territory was the first new territory established from a portion of the Northwest Territory.

The state's founders initiated a program that led to the construction of roads, canals, railroads, and state-funded public schools.The history of human activity in Indiana, a US state in the Midwest, began with migratory tribes of Native Americans who inhabited Indiana as early as 8000 BC.Tribes succeeded one another in dominance for several thousand years and reached their peak of development during the period of Mississippian culture.The region entered recorded history in the 1670s when the first Europeans came to Indiana and claimed the territory for the Kingdom of France.After France ruled for 100 years (with little settlement in this area), it was defeated by Great Britain in the French and Indian War (Seven Years' War) and ceded its territory east of the Mississippi.Despite the noble aims of the project, profligate spending ruined the state's credit.

By 1841 the state was near bankruptcy and forced to liquidate most of its public works.By its new constitution of 1851, it restricted rights of free blacks and excluded them from the suffrage.Britain held the land for more than twenty years, until after its defeat in the American Revolutionary War.At that time, Britain ceded the entire trans-Allegheny region, including what is now Indiana, to the new United States.The United States government divided the trans-Allegheny region into several new territories.The largest of these was the Northwest Territory, which was progressively divided into several smaller territories by the United States Congress.

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