Validating assessments

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The Validation Tool includes more validations than any previous PEIMS validation software (like the XML Checker).It doesn’t just check XML formatting and field specifications; it also checks PEIMS business rules and some referential integrity.

For more information on using the Validation Tool, download the TSDS Validation Tool User Guide.

The TSDS Validation Tool is a an application that users download to their local systems (#1 in the diagram below).

The tool allows user to convert data from spreadsheet format to XML (for limited data sets).

It also allows users to validate their XML files before loading to TSDS.

(NOTE that you do not have to use the Conversion feature in order to use the tool for validation--any TEDS-compliant XML file can be validated via the tool.) It performs the validations for ALL of the XSD files using validations from Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS) Section 3 and SOME of the TEDS Section 5 (primary key check) validations.

The tool contains all of the validations that are practical to run at the local level on submissions that may be either partial or complete.

Further validations are processed by the TSDS system itself on the data as it is loaded to the ODS (#2 above), and when an LEA or ESC marks their PEIMS collection as complete (#3).Some of these validations include cross-category validations that can only be run on full PEIMS submissions; others are specific to the different subcategories and categories of the collection.All validations used in TSDS are listed in the Texas Education Data Standards in Sections 3 and 5.At the time of writing, the Validation Tool only applies to PEIMS and the student GPS® Dashboards.For Release 3.0 of the TSDS Validation Tool, the conversion feature is only available for the ECDS data set, although it may be expanded to include other data sets in the future.For Release 3.0, the validation feature is available for PEIMS, student GPS® Dashboards, and ECDS.

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