Updating yum repositories

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Updating yum repositories - dating drizzle game

You will see two Canonical Partner repositories listed - one for applications and another for source code (src).The partner repositories offer access to proprietary and closed-source software and are not enabled by default.

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Select "Close" and "Reload" to save and update the database if you chose to add either or both of them. Click the "Add CD-ROM" button after inserting a CD-ROM containing packages.

One method is to go through the "Ubuntu Software Center".

Open the software center, then from the Edit menu select "Software Sources".

Note: You will have to enter your password to change settings in this window. If you have problems connecting to a server, the server is slow, you cannot find a package you expect to find on the currently-selected server, or simply want to find a faster server, click on the "Download from" window.

Options include: The "Other Software" tab is where you will be able to add the Canonical Partner Repositories.

CDs contain software from the "Main" and "Restricted" repositories, so if you have no internet connection you can still install software from the CDs.

If you have an internet connection you can install software from any Ubuntu repository.

GUI-based repository management is normally accomplished via "Software Sources".

This interface can be accessed via several methods.

After adding the CD-ROM/DVD, it will be searched for packages during installation requests.

Packages in PPAs do not undergo the same process of validation as packages in the main repositories.

PPAs are a low-security alternative to the main repositories, so the user will be installing software at their own risk.