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Updating baseband - Chat troulete con chicas

Browse for the i OS 4.1 firmware you just downloaded. Select ‘Install Cydia’ and ‘Install i Pad Baseband’.Brother I have two Sims one is reliance 3g it is getting detected and the other sim is airtel 2g which is not getting detected... It is not the latest Firmware Brother it is just a Baseband Update form WIKO CHICK Five phones.

Bro can u please provide me the default flashable zip for baseband. Originally Posted by Nitin5556 Brother I have two Sims one is reliance 3g it is getting detected and the other sim is airtel 2g which is not getting detected... Can you tell me if it is working on Vodafone IN 2G in second SIM?? If u do not know what is i Phone firmware/ i OS or i Phone baseband, hit the link below to know about i Phone Firmware and i Phone Baseband.Accidentally updated to i OS 6.1 and found out your i Phone 3GS is locked or stuck in recovery mode? Be warned though, it may take you some time if you’re new to jailbreaking. Now download redsn0w 0.9.14b2 that can downgrade i Pad baseband to 5.13.04 for Windows or Mac. Use this tutorial here (it’s for baseband 6.15.00 but will work for any baseband). This will be a lengthy process so if you have an AT&T i Phone 3GS, you can save all the troubles and unlock it permanently using this. (probably not possible at this stage) Remove your SIM card. Download i OS 4.1 firmware for i Phone 3GS or from here. You can install i OS 5.1.1 only if you have the SHSH saved on Cydia or locally.

If you have a non-AT&T i Phone, check our Store for a possible factory unlocking solution. Apple is still signing i OS 4.1 which you need to downgrade your i Phone 3GS to. If you’re happy with i OS 4.1 and would like to unlock it, read on…

First of all, please be aware that the untethered jailbreak for i OS 6.1 is expected to be released very soon (maybe this Sunday, Feb 3) and baseband 5.16.08 can’t be unlocked. The reason why you need to downgrade to i OS 4.1 first is so that you can update your baseband to 6.15.00, which allows you to downgrade it to 5.13.04.

Download latest version of Tiny Umbrella from here. Remove i Tunes and install i Tunes 10.4.1 for Windows (32-bit) or Mac. To make sure you can always go back to i OS 4.1, launch Cydia and select ‘Make my life easier.’ Part 3: Downgrading to baseband 5.13.04 (GPS Fix) 14. Go to Extras Select IPSW button in redsn0w to point to the original firmware you downloaded in Step 2. Do a controlled shutdown of your i Phone (“slide to power off”). DO NOT INTERRUPT your i Phone while baseband flashing is in progress. When done, your i Phone will reboot itself and you will now have i OS 4.1 with baseband 5.13.04 that can be unlocked with ultrasn0w. You may want to update to i OS 5.1.1 which has untethered jailbreak and can also be unlocked with ultrasn0w 1.2.7. If you cannot find it, add new sources by typing ultrasn0w repo: 1.2.8 24.

Once again, if you have an AT&T i Phone 3GS, unlock it using this. Follow on screen instructions to put your device into DFU mode to begin the jailbreak. When the process is done, you will find that your i Phone is now jailbroken on i OS 4.1 with i Pad baseband 6.15.00. Check the ‘Downgrade from i Pad baseband’ checkbox, uncheck Cydia and click Next. Redsn0w will start doing the downgrade and you will see ‘Flashing Baseband’ screen on your i Phone with the Pawnapple icon.

If you get an i Tunes error 3194, read here on how to fix it. The restore will end with error 1015 and recovery loop on the i Phone, this can be resolved using the “Exit Recovery” button in Tiny Umbrella. We will downgrade to 5.13.04 later for the GPS fix.

Launch i Tunes, connect your i Phone, hold down the SHIFT for Windows or Option for Mac while you click the RESTORE button in i Tunes and select the i OS 4.1 firmware file you have just downloaded. Warning: installing i Pad baseband will break your GPS, if you have the new 3GS made after week 28 of 2011, it does not support the i Pad baseband. Part 5: Update to i OS 6.1 by Preserving your Baseband and then Unlock with Ultrasn0w (Fixer).

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