Tova jewish dating site

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Tova jewish dating site

The website, which is billed as the world’s largest social network for Jews, along with a group called the Mensch Network, is on a mission to find the “Mensch of the Year” and pay that individual $1,000.

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“We spent about a million dollars setting up our site, and we have managed to turn it into the world’s largest social network for Jews,” said director Rabbi Benzion Klatzko.

“For example, if you know of a job for an accountant, you can use the ‘occupation’ button to search for all the accountants in the network and send them a message.” Although a mass-messaging feature like that could be used for spamming, administrators keep an eye out for irrelevant messages – and a message about an available job is certain to be welcome, he added.

The raison d’etre of is hosting/guesting for Shabbat meals, said Klatzko.

“When someone is signed up as a host, they can go to the search bar at the top of the page and find guests in any city, state, and country.

From that search bar, they can also find guests based on proximity, occupation, and organization.

Guests can find hosts in the same way.” “Many people use the site when they are traveling abroad, seeking a meal for Shabbat, and we have become the go-to site for many people looking for a Jewish connection in far-flung places,” said Klatzko.

But for many users, it’s the site’s dating profile that is the biggest attraction.“Joining is free, and we don’t charge anything for any of the services – and among those services is a completely free online singles network, similar to the ones offered by other sites that charge membership fees.” Upon joining, users are asked to fill in a dating profile, which includes their religious affiliation (Orthodox, Conservadox, unaffiliated, etc.), whether they keep kosher, observe the Sabbath, speak other languages, etc.“It’s really the Jewish alternative to Facebook.” Since was started in 2010, new features have been added that make it Facebook-esque.“We have status updates, photos, and the newsfeed that Facebook users are used to, but obviously we strive to be more than just updates,” Klatzko added.There are many similarities between Facebook and, including messages, activity wall, profile, and a friend list.But it also has several additional features designed to turn the site into a “helping” community, said Klatzko.