Tom brady dating tara reid

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Tom brady dating tara reid - ang dating daan wikipedia

The crazy things that come out of Tara Reid's mouth sometimes.But who knows - there's a huge chance that the "American Pie" starlet hooked-up with legendary New England Patriots quarterback tom Brady back when he wasn't quite famous yet!

At one point during the discussion, Reid admits that she had a steamy one-night-stand with Gisele Bundchen's handsome NFL hubby back in the day! Now the couple's happily married with two children.

points out, this alleged hook-up probably occurred during Reid's "heyday" - before her extreme partying really got out-of-control.

But, it supposedly happened, and Reid chatted about it during an interview with Australia's "Kyle & Jackie O Show" on KIIS 1065.

The actress participated in a game called "60 Seconds of Kiss" during which the hosts name a bunch of celebrities and the participant has to say whether he or she has kissed them or would like to kiss them.

ESPN once credited Reid as the marker of Brady's sudden rise to fame.

In April 2002, while riding the wave of her "American Pie" glory days, she apparently asked her agent to set her up with the NFL hunk.

In September that year, he invited her to watch him play some ball.Their romance "lasted all of a month," according to ESPN.Reid was recently spotted wearing diamond ring on a very important finger, but quashed any rumors during the "Kyle & Jackie O" interview saying the ring was for a role. Farrell dropped quite the bomb on "The Ellen De Generes Show," telling the host and the audience that he and Taylor were in a relationship for nearly two years before she died."[It was] the last kind of romantic relationship I had," Farrell said, "which was never consummated ...I just adored her, she was a spectacular, spectacular woman.September 2002 - October 2002Tara Reid expressed interest in Tom Brady in April of 2002, and in September, Brady decided to give it a try.