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Super sex chat online robot - chris paul dating

sadlilgrrl ( AM): im really really sorry sadlilgrrl ( AM): i really am sadlilgrrl ( PM): i didnt see you at all today sadlilgrrl ( PM): im so sorry sadlilgrrl ( PM): maybe tomorrow Monday, March 22 ( PM): Yet, you were not.

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The predator in the chat-log you're about to read is named Paul Short.

He was convicted in Illinois in regards to the following chat-log.

He has since gone non-compliant after being released from prison.

Short has ties to the Arizona area where his family lives and obviously has made residence in Illinois as well. i mean, i try to meet people but they brush me off as too young.

If you have any information regarding this dangerous internet predator and his current location, please contact the Illinois State Police immediately. sadlilgrrl ( PM): i just sit in my room a lot alone and hope it all stops. and you're the only one whose ever even taken the time to talk to me ( PM): My email is [email protected] ( PM): im sorry i sent it through the program sadlilgrrl ( PM): do you want me to send it through email isntead?

( PM): But, let me ask you why you want to do this. (Here I checked the index of the Payphone Project to see if this was a listed payphone.

Obviously, if he was calling from a payphone, we could not trace him.

At this time, this was still being treated as a normal 'bust.") ( PM): OK, good.

sadlilgrrl ( PM): she may be getting off early today at sadlilgrrl ( PM): but then she'd have to work til 3 am tomorrow sadlilgrrl ( PM): she'll know in half an hour ( PM): I can wait for a little bit.

Of course you could ask your mom if you can go out for a bit...

sadlilgrrl ( PM): if shes home she wants me to be there so i can do what she wants me to ( PM): Going to go so you do not get in trouble, see you tommorrow.

sadlilgrrl ( PM): ill be there Sunday, March 21 sadlilgrrl ( AM): hey i know youre not there but my mom just said she has a migraine and shes not going into work today sadlilgrrl ( AM): so im stuck at home all day with her sadlilgrrl ( AM): maybe ill catch you online later and we can figure out a time this week to meet?

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