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“They sell porno vids in the service station,” teenager Sam returns from the magazine rack in the non-descript petrol station just outside Amsterdam with a wide-eyed look. ” Clutching a copy of ‘Rocco’s Anal Adventures 22’ he starts to read the ‘plot’ on the back of the DVD, before realising he’s in a busy location and sheepishly returns it to the rack.

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Despite the crowd of people queuing to use the coffee machine next to the magazine section no one raises an eyebrow at this interchange, it’s just another couple of foreigners in a country that’s made a tourist attraction out of vice.

Since it legalised prostitution in 1988 (although technically it had been legal since 1830) and decriminalised ‘soft drugs,’ allowing them to be sold in specialist ‘coffee shops,’ Holland, and Amsterdam particularly, has become a mecca for tourists wanting to legally expand their minds. It’s a city where anything goes, and usually does so at a pre-determined price.

For a teenager wanting to dip their toe into life’s pool of pleasures Amsterdam is the place to start.

But with only a restricted 125 for transport this European city of sin is tantalisingly out of reach. With the new breed of funky 125s also comes a new influx of younger riders, armed with bikes that are only restricted in their engine performance, not their potential for exploration.

So we decided to unlock this potential and embark on a voyage of discovery to show a teenager on a restricted licence what is achievable after a few hours’ riding. Trainee mechanic Sam had everything we were after: a restricted licence, passport and mind ready to be expanded.

Ben Giff stuck his hand up at this point, and seeing as he’s a copper, and therefore trusted enough by the Met Police to bash crims over the head with a nightstick, he filled the brief perfectly as the sensible yin to Sam’s yang. Due to Sam’s L-plates, taking the M25 to Harwich was out, so we cut through London and picked up the A12 heading east, soon entering uncharted waters for Sam as we slipped under the M25 barrier.

On the open dual carriageway it rapidly developed into a slipstreaming contest as we tried to eek out every last mph.On the CBR125R Sam’s miniscule frame allowed him to exploit the frankly pathetic performance of the Honda and keep up with the more rapid Aprilia and Yamaha.He was also 18 years old, the legal age to ride a 125 in Holland.Unfortunately what he lacked was a sense of direction. That’s a long way on a 125,” was his first response when we asked if he was up for the trip.After a brief lesson in geography, he was more reassured, although he did confess to having never ridden outside the M25.Things can get messy quite quickly in Amsterdam, (I have a hazy recollection to this day of ecstasy pills and four hookers in 1999) and for that reason we needed to bring along a voice of reason for when it all got a bit much.

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