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Sex dating search engine - who is karen angle dating now

There were 1.1 billion people to choose from, but the filters couldn't lead me to a date.If you speak US English, you now have even more access to a one-billion-person-wide dating market—ostensibly.

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By having access to a plethora of strangers’ meta-data, including pictures, favorites, and check-ins, the world might feel a little bit smaller, like we have a lot more in common than we ever knew.

The point is intriguing, but do people want to meet friends of friends offline and can it really weed through people accurately enough to become common practice?

Tom Scott, creator of the hilarious and viral Tumblr, “Actual Facebook Graph Searches”, told me in an email interview that he doesn’t think Graph Search has much potential for a viable and well-used dating service. He mentioned how Facebook silently pushes messages from non-friends into a weakly highlighted “Other” inbox, meaning we might not even be aware of messages from new dates.

The other and much more potent complaint would be that Facebook isn’t perceived as that type of platform.

Cold messaging and cold friending are still just that: cold, sparse, and abrupt.

Facebook, while always a place to get suggestive “pokes” and receive private messages inviting you out for tacos, has never really ever wanted to become a dating site.

Mark Zuckerberg was steadfast about that point from the beginning, making sure to leave Facebook with as much ambiguity and anonymity as you pleased.

The majority of people don’t sign up for Facebook to date; they sign up to connect with people they already know and like.

With a personalized way to find exactly who you want to, some media outlets have heralded Facebook Graph Search as a potential contender in online dating services.

The thought being, why let personality tests and algorithms and a shallow pool determine who you should be with when Facebook has been fastidiously compiling personal data about 1.11 billion people since 2004?

That’s the reasoning Tom Stocky, Facebook Product Director, makes when he noted the power Facebook Graph Search might have on the online dating market.

"For single people, friends of friends tend to be a good start," Stocky said.