Sedating dogs nail trimming

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For cats, they have retractable claws, therefore, they are not designed to be dull and wear down with walking or exercise.Instead, cats scratch surfaces to help naturally peel off the outside layers (made kind of like a flaky biscuit) which helps to keep their nails nice and sharp.

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Because a cats razor sharp nails are essential to their way of life, their nails continuously grow.

We also always provide a courtesy nail trim anytime your pet is sedated or under general anesthesia for any procedure.

Most dogs and cats have a total of 18 toes, with 5 toes on each front paw and four on each back paw.

Dewclaws are nails that grow as a residual fifth toe or “thumb”.

If not properly cared for, ie nail trimming, their nails can grow so long that the sharp point actually curls under and can penetrate into their paw pad causing infection, bleeding, and pain.

If your are nervous about trimming your pets nails or nail trimming has become too difficult to attempt on your dog or cat, we offer cat or dog nail trimming service at our hospital.

Our approach is to make this experience as least stressful as possible while being mindful to avoid painful cuts into the quick of the nail.In very rare cases, if your pet is extremely resistant or fearful of having their nails trimmed, we may recommend a mild sedative to help make the experience much less stressful and completely painless for your pet.Pet nail trimming should be part of your regular grooming and care.Ideally, you should start clipping dogs claws or cats claws when they are still a puppy or kitten, so they get used to the sensation and are more likely going to be cooperative through the process.In some dogs that are very active, the nails often remain short because they naturally wear down the tips against the pavement during walks or runs.If you only walk your dog on grass, if his foot confirmation is such that the toenails sit higher up on the top of the toes so that the nail does not touch the ground when walking, or if he is not a very active pooch, he might need regular pet nail trimmings in order to prevent the nails from getting too long.

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