Rrd files not updating

21-Sep-2015 13:13 by 7 Comments

Rrd files not updating - Live free webcam porn

The reason for this is that whisper inserts your updates *immediately* into your finest precision archive, so another update within the same interval would overwrite the previous value.

Whisper is a fixed-size database, similar in design to RRD (round-robin-database).

It provides fast, reliable storage of numeric data over time.

RRD is great, and initially Graphite did use RRD for storage.

Over time though, we ran into several issues inherent to RRD's design.

I didn't totally rewrite it, I rewrote only a small subset of what RRD does, its basic storage mechanism.

Patching RRD would mean hundreds of lines of C code, whereas Whisper is under 500 lines of simple python.

Seriously though, the real reason I didn't simply submit a patch for rrdtool is that whisper's design is incompatible with RRD's feature set.RRD provides the ability to specify an arbitrary update interval, that is you could say that you intend to update your RRD file once every minute, every 10 minutes, whatever.And rrdtool also allows you to configure your RRA's (round-robin-archives) independant of this update interval, so you could have a 1-minute precision archive but an update interval of say, 10 seconds.In this case, RRD will store your updates in a temporary workspace area and after the minute has passed, aggregate them and store them in the archive.Whisper on the other hand mandates that your update interval must be the same as the finest precision archive you configure.So for instance, if your archive configuration is 1-minute precision for 2 hours, then 5-minute precision for a day, your update interval *must* be 1-minute.

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