Recorded cyber chat

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Recorded cyber chat

In the end, I'm just me, just hoping I can be the best artist I can be..."What makes Alice Wu's debut so pleasurable is its easy rhythms, its sly juxtapositions, and its relaxed but funny performances.A generous straight man, Krusiec gives the film emotional heft...."---Slate : there r a 1000 qns on my mind,only 1 is allowed in this chatonline.

Tho u r married 2 some1 else,the future is pretty hard to tell, So ans my qn,show me a sign,wat m i supposed 2 make u mine?

thank u zoe,for putting up the files so instantly..

u are just fantastic.resposible,supportives..great to read all the neat layout..was hard trying to read thru all the many layers of inputs.just so wow!! at the chat..exciting ,very orderly , everyone get to have a piece of saying.. Firstful, when i heard there will be a live chat again, i was excited and looked forward for that day.

Michelle & Lynn enjoy so much tooreally enjoy it very much, so fun and such thrilled experience . Today is the first time in my life to chat with movie stars..(ha~maybe the last time). Unbelievable~~gee.magic power of Saving Face is incredible! But when i log in at and said chatroom was full already.

A real successfull event thru your hardwork and time spent on this....applause for U!! As i know there were only less than half fans were able to chat with MK and LC. Well, the chat last for only an hour and it was the same people keep asking, asking...(still happy for them), but i can tell there were a lot of other knocked out fans that looked forward this day to come, seat and waited desperately.

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Sometimes I have to take a breath and remind myself of who I am and what I've accomplished.

again Thanks Michelle & Lynn ,hope to meet again :)welcome two of you to singapore one of these day..all might meet. I've read the conversation, MK and LC didn't answer that much and some of them are kinda bullshit (sorry to say this "word"). Tammy W hi Tammy,think i remember u at the first testing.

I know we all LOVE them, but still give us a chance at least to say hi to them. just to say hi and so sorry that u did not get in.understand (but who knows there might a next time..i did not expect to chat with two of them the first time i came to their blog, chinese say "yuen" maybe...)Just to share my personal was casual,open, healthy expressive sharing....

It was funny like some people set alarm to get up early and take a half day off from work just for this online chat but all they got is knock out. TO me , both Michelle and Lynn had tried to answer as many as they can in a very open, frank,down to earth tone ..sharing their interests,feelings, works, concern,plans,ambition, some admits..their free time, foods,what they do , up and down time...diplomaticaly, for me i gets alots out of this chat from them.

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