Problems updating flash media player

25-May-2016 02:18 by 10 Comments

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This bug was exposed due to some changes we made to blocklist certain incompatible drivers from using hardware acceleration in Flash Player.We have a pre-release build ready for testing, which is available in the updated technote.

As there are many configurations and driver combinations that we don’t have in our testing lab, your feedback is important to ensure we have a good resolution.Note: As of April 20, 2014 the current version of the Adobe Flash Player software is version see what version of Adobe Flash Player you have installed, you can visit the Flash Player Help / Find version page. Thanks to everyone who has provided information on their system and driver versions.This has helped us work on identifying a fix for the SWF rendering issue.Adobe Flash Player is a software product from Adobe Systems that can be used to create and view animations and movies using computer programs such as a web browser.

These steps are written for Internet Explorer on a Windows computer.Your account on the computer must be an Administrator to follow these steps.If your account is not an Administrator and are using a College of Ag Enterprise Network computer, you can submit a Help Request to have the update applied for you.If your system has this issue, please download the pre-release and let us know either through the bug or on the forums if it resolves the issue.Make sure you re-enable IE9 hardware acceleration when you try the player.The issue where the SWF rendering problem re-appears after exiting full screen mode now seems to occur sporadically, so please report your system information if you still experience this problem with the pre-release build.