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Romantic flix-wise I like movies like The Notebook and Serendipity. Some of what I like - Spandau Phoenix by Greg Iles, Smoke Screen by Kyle Mills, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.Listen to all music genres old and new but lean towards hits and music with a good beat. Love all types of good food especially home cooked meals. All these and other things are fun to do, but what ultimately matters is finding and connecting with the ONE that transcends everything.

On a really personal note, I have been looking for the ONE all my life, but have not been successful so far. What I am looking for is a girl who can end up being my life-long partner once we get to know each other (interests, likes, dislikes, etc.). Buy 10 for .00 click here (direct to chat credits payment summary 10 chat .00) NEED more Credits ?Buy 5 for .00 click here (direct to chat credits payment summary 5 Video chat .00) Well, I am one of those regular dudes who believes in leading a good, simple, fun-filled, peaceful life with a good heart (most of the time). I don't hesitate to be indulgent where necessary and have a cool, flexible, and adaptive attitude.I have an athletic build and hit the gym 3-4 times a week (cardio and weights).I am a huge movie and music buff, have many favorite movies, here's a couple - Mel Gibson's Payback and Christian Bale's Equilibrium.Someone with whom I can connect with mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Someone who knows and understands what true love is.

Because that's what holds us together no matter what life's ups and downs bring and whatever differences we might have.

When I "like" a "verb", my choices are the gerrund or the infinitive form (i.e.- I like swimming/ I like to swim ). ( It may be just a personal preference but I rarely say: "I dislike to swim." - "I hate to swim", sure.) Is it just me, or ......... When i say I like spaghetti it means Iike the taste of spaghetti.

When I say I like playing basketball it means I enjoy the activity.

You can certainly say either that you like swimming or that you don't like swimming. There's often a difference between 'dislike' and 'don't like'.

'I don't like to swim after a heavy meal' is OK and so is 'I don't like swimming after a heavy meal', but only the second can take 'dislike', IMO.

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