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NEWNAN'S LAKE - The Indian who carved the oldest dugout canoe found here was working on his boat before Noah built the Ark.In fact, the age and span of the largest aboriginal canoe find in history has confirmed that Florida's indigenous peoples - including ancestors of the modern Seminoles - made boats to travel this lake 3,000 years before Christ walked the earth.

The sample from the youngest canoe was about 500 years old -when Columbus was sailing. "Extraordinary Find," is how Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris headlined her Oct. "Nature has brought our canoes back to the surface to remind us all that we were here and have been here, in an unbroken chain, for many thousands of years," Chairman James E. Billie visited the site in August, noting the lake's original name was Pithlachocco - a Seminole word for "place of long boats." "It was called that for thousands of years for a reason," he said."This may have been a 'factory' where boats were made." The canoes were studied by a process known as radiocarbon dating.Core samples were taken and hand-carried to the Beta Analytic laboratory in Miami for study.By measuring the rate of decay of carbon, the age of any formerly living object can be fairly accurately estimated, archaeologists claim.In 1990, a 6,000-year-old canoe was found buried in a peat layer below De Leon Springs in Volusia County.And 19 Indian canoes, ranging in age from 320 to 3,500 years old, were unearthed from a peat farm in Clay County in the 1980s.

That total was the previous largest cache of Indian canoes discovered anywhere before Pithlachocco find.A thousand-year-old dugout canoe pulled from the bottom of Lake Hancock is now on exhibit at the Depot Museum in Lake Wales.But nothing of the age and magnitude of these canoes has been discovered anywhere, says Barbara Purdy, a Gainesville archaeologist who was part of the group that discovered the first seven canoes in early May.Lake resident and folksinger Dale Crider, state archaeologist Melissa Memory and a student group from Gainesville East Side High were also credited with discovering canoes."None has the antiquity, nor the number, that Florida has," said Purdy, comparing this find to those of other states."This is a treasure beyond compare." The Pithlachocco canoe site ranks with the 1999 discovery of the Miami Circle in importance to Florida Indians, says Dr.