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Heck you've come this far why not take it to the next step and help others in the area make some good friends? Everything has a begining and we are off to a good start. Telling them how he or she wasn't good enough for you and how they will regret letting you get away.... Wouldn't you Gal's like to make some new friends too? HRM....about a Canadian Gal joining this bandwagon? I have helped with this type of thing before and also would be open to providing any assistance I could !!! Russll: Sure anytime & I except your offer with the assitance! I myself have been doing some foot work to check out the hot spots and the overall scene in the area. Most are married so that leaves me to do stuff alone like most of you? Well, the hard part is getting people to come aboard. By then everyone will have the Christmas expenses out of the way and a more settled down feeling... but maybe we need an event as a focal point for the gathering. If we can get this thing going then you bet I'll be needing the help. All I can say is encourage others to join up and we can make this happen.

If I can swing by anywhere - to meet ppl I've chatted with before then I'd be glad to - but pls understand I aint gonna go meet up with 100% complete strangers, eh? It's open to men and women and it's a good way to make new friends... One is really there to hit on one another.) It's more like a group of cyber friends getting together to help support one another go out and have a good time. I mean football is THE king of spectator sports in Florida, and the Super Bowl is almost always a safe and fun event for everyone to watch (as long as they keep all of Wacko Jacko's siblings away).

If there's enough solid interest by enough people we could probably get some sports bar/restaurant/club to reserve a section of the place for an event.

And if there's not enough solid interest, I know some places sell advance tickets for their Super Bowl parties during January and then admission on game day is with ticket in hand only.

If we pick a place like that then those who want to attend can self-select by purchasing their own tickets. It's a great time and just wanted to pass the news.

That's about the extent of my creative party ideas at the moment. I don't know if anyone would be interested buy this weekend is a reggae festival down at Bob Marley's at City Walk.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I know if I can run a "Car club" organization and also be an officer of a historical preservation organization. In the olden days stuff was done like this to help people meet one another. We should just behave as a club of friends that plans events and helps out other members during our events.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Then running something like that should be a piece of cake... Churches had revival week, Cities had the Fair or circus come to town. I think we have all seen the results of the bar scene. For example: We could arrange to meet at a certain location like a nightclub, comedy club, a city festival, etc,. P., check out the "laws of attraction" thread in the "dating and love advice" category, and you'll get what i'm talking about!

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Now here we are presented a new unexplored option that could benifit us all... It all begins with just a few people willing to give it a shot. From there we could help inspire one another and be supptive of one another in are failures. i'm from florida, so i know that trek from tampa to orlando is nothing... Orlando Here: Just throwing my hat into the ring, I would love to see if we couldn't get some sort of gathering going. However I haven't any friends that like to get out.

I'm saying let's start something truly wonderful that is sure to grow in popularity. We are after all on this site to make friends and maybe a little more? We should look at this more like a support group that can have events and invite friends of friends... Not like those three minute dating get togethers like some places do.

Our next offering in our Romantic Orlando series is one of the places we frequent on our weekly Monday date nights. Antonio’s has been in business in the city of Maitland, since 1989. Continue reading It holds a place in my heart like no other location in Orlando.

Park Avenue in downtown Winter Park My earliest memory of this street was when I was six years old. Continue reading As part of our anniversary getaway, we spent an afternoon in the preplanned Disney community of Celebration. If you are planning a trip it’s a good idea to check … Dora is a small community located 30 miles North of Orlando.

Simply take Highway 441 North until you see the signs. Dora is the perfect place for a romantic afternoon or evening.

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