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Most of the waste is turned into smoke, a gray sooty substance that smells like a mixture of dust and dirt together.

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I was employed by Newport News Shipbuilding to build aircraft carriers and aircraft carrier parts.I did it for five years until 1992 and hated every minute of it.The reason I am creating this page is mostly because you can’t find Home Pages on the internet that belong to Welders or people in the occupation of welding steel or other metals together. If the pay is right, boredom can be handled and endured, for after all, work is not really supposed to be fun, is it?Well, if this page is not the first, perhaps it will be the most comprehensive, and most of all, honest. But work can be downright miserable when you factor in the perks that come with the job.When welding overhead, a leather jacket weighing about 15 added to the wardrobe to prevent hot slag from burning through the clothing on the arms.

Additionally, a hard hat is worn to protect the top of the head from the same debris. Welding is not only hot work, but its dirty work too.

The process of welding produces almost as much waste as useful material.

Why there are not any web pages dedicated to welders will be discussed below. Welding is nothing more than playing with fire, albeit in a somewhat controlled environment. Fire hot enough to melt high tempered steel produces a lot of heat. Add to this the safety issue of protecting a person’s body against this heat, and the work becomes hotter.

If you have never tried welding, I must say, DON’T! The best way to describe what it is like to weld for 8 hours a day: Imagine sitting in a very dark place, staring at a very bright puddle of light which is actually molten metal, watching it move slowly from point a to point b. A welder must wear protective clothing to avoid pain and injury from flying sparks, slag and arc flash.

This means being covered head to toe in thick cotton shirts and jeans.

Thick gauntlet style gloves are worn to protect the hands.

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