Best new york dating

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Maybe you're a novice who's never planned a date past a dinner reservation and a clean shirt, or maybe you're a Dating Grandmaster who hires hot-air balloons the way other dudes hire Ubers.

The California sea lions balance balls, catch fish, and interact with their trainers in the cutest ways possible, and their glass-walled enclosure gives visitors a great view of all the action.Sneaking into an indoor pool is a great, slightly illicit date for all seasons, and it’s surprising just how many pools you can access in New York.The One UN is a cakewalk, though: just stroll with purpose to the elevator in the East Tower, pop up to the 27th floor, and glide right into the locker room, which is the pool’s access point.Worst case scenario: pretend you’re confused representatives from Estonia. Unlike the first date, you should be reasonably sure you want to spend some time together, so sign up for Manhattan By Sail, which'll include a couple of hours sipping ales, nibbling charcuterie, and taking in the skyline views.For some reason, when you put an ingredient like rum into a cute milkshake glass, it just feels wholesome.This place is genuinely adorable, and even has vegan options, in case that Bumble cutie doesn’t do dairy.

This place may actually be better to visit during the winter than the summer -- especially the hothouses, which are kind of like taking a (sadly overdressed) trip to Costa Rica.

Oh, and make sure to tell your date about how the Japanese garden contains a hidden temple dedicated to the wolf spirits.

Go for a walk in the park after, or stick around the zoo and check out the red pandas because, well, they're adorable.

Swing by The Saint Austere for dollar oysters any Monday through Saturday from 6-8pm when you can get a mix of East and West Coast specimens.

Also, the short-term nature of a happy hour gives either of you an out if a better Tinder match comes up.

That refurbished carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park is kind of endlessly romantic, plus there are a bunch of great dinner options within an easy walking distance: the delicious tequila cocktails at Gran Electrica are just around the corner and don’t require a Grimaldian wait.

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