Backdating working tax credit

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It is shown on your Council Tax Bill as a reduction .

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You can view the pension age scheme and the subsequent amendments under Links View the full Council Tax Support Scheme 2015 for working age customers View the full Council Tax Support Scheme 2016 for working age customers If you are entitled to council tax support we will usually pay it from the Monday after we receive your claim.

See the kind of evidence you may be required to provide The easiest way to provide the evidence is to take your original documents to your nearest One Stop Shop where they can be photocopied and verified.

We cannot accept photocopies of original documents.

Once a decision has been made about your council tax support we will write to you.

Any support will be added to your council tax account.

If you want to claim housing benefit too, you only need to make one claim.

We will assess your housing benefit and council tax support at the same time.

Because council tax support is a means tested benefit, we need to know about all your income and savings, and the income and savings of your partner.

Examples of the information and evidence needed are provided on the claim form and when you you complete a claim form online.

If you think the decision about your council tax support is wrong, you can appeal.

You must tell us about changes in your circumstances within 21 days of the change occurring.

If you have been overpaid council tax support you will be sent a new council tax bill.