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| “The person that we ended up picking is not who you would expect, but is so talented that it’s really inspired us as writers,” says Murphy.

| “I don’t care if you’re likable, but what I do care about is ‘Are you professional? “The person we’ve chosen has a great work ethic, really wants to be there, and having hung out with that person now quite a bit, is actually very lovable,” says Murphy.

Naive and abused, she’ll usually do anything for her “Mr.

J,” but will occasionally separate from him as a result of the way he treats her.

During these breaks, she’ll often stay with fellow Batman supervillainess Poison Ivy, to the point where Poison Ivy has specially inoculated Harley to be immune to her poison so they can “play.” A much more nurturing relationship than she has with the Joker, Harley Quinn’s time with Poison Ivy shows the true potential she could have as a criminal mastermind if the Joker would loosen his reins on her.

“People are going to go crazy for them.” Murphy admits he wasn’t a perfect judge.

| “I made a huge mistake at one point in the season,” confesses the producer, who arrives each week to see the Bottom 3 contestants perform a song, and then confers with his fellow judges about which one to cut.

While editing one particular episode, though, says Murphy, and seeing the doomed contestant’s full contributions, “I was like, ‘Holy s***! ’ The episode was one where that person was having a bad day, and got voted off; I look back and I think, ‘I wish I would have kept that person on.” Asked if he invites said contestant to make a return to the competition at any point, though, Murphy remains coy: “Maybe I do. And thus create a character which shows off quite frankly not just the best of who you are but also your flaws.” Murphy says it’s not unusual for him to draw off the experiences of his current cast when he’s writing a script, either.Maybe not.” mentors, he was able to get a better idea about which hopefuls had “the potential to be really big breakout stars” and which ones his current cast “would want to hang out with day to day.” Because he was casting for an undetermined role, Murphy says the contestants’ abilities to inspire the creation of potential characters became particularly important. “Lea Michele has learned not to tell me anything about her life because I’ll put it into the script,” he says with a laugh.| “It wasn’t really just a talent competition but also a personality competition,” he expains. He made it seem like he was so down for me then fucked me then stopped talking to me saying “You made whatever we had more complex in your head than what it was and I’m sorry if I contributed to that” after ignoring all my texts for a week., a 1992-1995 Tim Burton tie-in cartoon that ended up transcending its source material to contribute characters to the official DC comics universe, Harley Quinn is perhaps the show’s most popular and long-lasting creation.Joining comic canon in 1999, Harley Quinn is the Joker’s fervently loyal girlfriend, though their relationship has proven rocky in the past.